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Seeking medical attention to get a diagnosis for any joint pain is your first move toward a healthy lifestyle. Remember self-care and immediate attention to pain are the answers to solving a lifetime of physical suffering and exorbitant medical costs. In most pain management cases involving joints, Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy from Florida Stem CellMD in Fort Lauderdale may be your answer to no operations and relieving daily discomfort. Dr. Neel Amin’s innovative treatments have an 85% chance of complete recuperation with only one 15-minute injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Amniotic Cells, and/or Mesenchymal Stem Cells.





Hips disorders such as osteonecrosis, bursitis, arthritis, tendinopathy or a labral tear—are painful conditions. There is almost no position that relieves a painful hip. Surgery used to be your only option; however, today, you can take advantage of the less invasive and less expensive Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy. This treatment uses mesenchymal stem cells to regrow vital tissues, bones, and muscles and has an 80-85% success rate.

Your hips carry your body weight and support your spine. When something happens to cause injury or degradation to your hip joint, you may experience continuous or chronic pain. The pain can vary from being acute and sharp to dull and aching. When your hips cause pain, chances are the discomfort will not disappear on its own. You will need to visit a physician like Dr. Neel Amin, MD.

Dr. Amin will determine the cause of your hip pain by examining you, as well as ordering diagnostic tests such as X-rays, a CT-scan, or a MRI. He will also ask you questions about any recent injuries and what makes your pain better or worse. Dr. Amin will discuss alternatives to surgery for controlling pain and for repairing the damage to your hips. These new and exciting treatments include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Amniotic Cells, and/or Mesenchymal Stem Cells, which Dr. Amin performs at Florida Stem CellMD.


Your hips can be injured in a number of ways, and the pain can occur in one or both of your hips. Common hip injuries result from:

  • Falling on your hip and breaking a bone.
  • Fracturing your pelvis in an accident.
  • Dislocating your hip, in which the top of your femur slips out of position.

All of these injuries lead to pain that needs to be treated. But instead of surgery, learn about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Amniotic Cells, and/or Mesenchymal Stem Cells. These innovative treatments have proven results of 80-85% success. Dr. Neel Amin administers these treatments at Florida Stem CellMD.




In regenerative stem cell therapy, mesenchymal stem cells are injected into your hip area, maybe even in the joint, where they get to work immediately. Stem cells are undifferentiated cell that is capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type, including bones, tendons, cartilage, and soft tissue. This is a natural process that helps your joint heal from the inside out. It encourages your own dormant stem cells to wake up and regenerate your body.

All the conditions listed above can be treated effectively with stem cell therapy for the hip. Mesenchymal stem cells also have anti-inflammatory properties. The stem cell injection doesn’t mask the pain. It actually corrects the underlying issue by generating healthy, new cell growth right where you need it.

When you’re in pain, your goal is to want to stop it. Osteonecrosis, tendinopathy, bursitis and arthritis (links) are painful conditions. A hip injury can results from a break, fraction or dislocation. A tear of the labrum can also be painful enough to limit your movement and flexibility.


If you are suffering from hip pain, make an appointment with an experienced stem cell physician like Dr. Neel Amin before you opt for surgery. Take the opportunity to see what regenerative therapies can mean for your painful conditions. Reports from patients indicate long-term benefits as high as 80-85% success.

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