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About Dr. Amin

Neel Amin, MD, is a double-board certified physician in anesthesiology and interventional pain medicine. Dr. Amin carries out his passion for pain relief medicine with the innovative regenerative treatments and unmatched quality of customer service at Florida StemCell MD, located in Oakland Park, Florida, and serving the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

Dr. Amin completed his medical school training and anesthesiology residency at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. He finished his pain medicine fellowship at the leading program in the country at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Amin is also the co-founder of American Pain Experts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a practice that focuses on interventional pain medicine to provide comprehensive pain management to their patients.

Over the years, Dr. Amin has acquired a passion for pain medicine by providing a multidisciplinary approach to treat pain. Dr. Amin founded Florida StemCell MD to provide superior regenerative therapy to patients throughout South Florida. At Florida StemCell MD, Dr. Amin understands the vital importance of putting patients’ needs first, and he takes care of patients with the utmost level of consideration.

Dr. Amin is passionate not only about seeing patients feel their best physically, but also addressing the emotional aspect of pain. He understands that pain medicine, through procedures, mild medications, physical therapy, and other modalities, must be accompanied with a dedication to a healthy lifestyle that includes proper exercise and nutrition. Dr. Amin and his team are dedicated to offering a multidisciplinary approach to their patients’ mental and physical well-being.

With his extensive level of experience with pain medicine, Dr. Amin works with his patients to devise an effective plan that they are fully on board with. To make an appointment with Dr. Amin, call Florida StemCell MD or book online today.





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Dr. Neel Amin, M.D.

Recognitions and Accommodations

Dr. Amin did his medical school training and Anesthesiology residency at the Medical College of Georgia. He underwent his Pain Medicine fellowship at the leading program in the country at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Amin over the years has acquired a passion for pain medicine by providing a multidisciplinary approach to treat pain.


Double Board Certified:

✓ Anesthesiologist

✓ Pain Management Specialist

You can go to Doximity to find out more about Dr. Neel Amin, MD.




Our Health Mission | DR. AMIN’S MOTTO

“I consider resolving your pain issues to be my principal concern at every visit to our South Florida office.”

Dr. Neel Amin also shares, “We have customized an advanced and multidisciplinary approach, including #Mesenchymal #StemCell Therapy to #treat your #pain and the pain of your loved ones.





Depending upon the area being treated, the procedure can be completed in an office visit between 30-60 minutes.


These therapies are minimally invasive procedures. There may be minimal pain at injection site.


Depending upon the severity of the injury and your personal health, recovery time can vary. Patients have shown improvements in as little as 2-4 weeks. Your doctor can provide more information.


The products are rigorously tested before and after cell birth. They follow strict FDA guidelines to ensure their safety.



Post-Op Instructions for Joints


The stem cell injection includes producing a micro injury in the joint. As a result, expect the joint to be sore. This can be everything from minimally sore to very sore.

The goal is to allow the stem cells to attach and then to protect them while they differentiate into cartilage. For this reason, you’ll be asked to keep the joint as still as possible for 30-60 minutes after the procedure. Do not take a bath for three days, but a shower 12 hours after the procedure is fine.

1st – 3rd Day: For the first day, you should limit activity on the joint. If you have post-op soreness this may be easy to do, as you may have a natural limp or “antalgic” gait (your body does this to reduce pressure on the area to allow healing). If you don’t have this, then simply, naturally taking a bit of weight off this area as you walk is a good idea this first day. Avoid all contact sports as well as jogging, running, or sports that involve impact on that joint.

4th Day – 2nd Week: You can start to walk normally, no more than 30-60 minutes a day. Avoid all contact sports as well as jogging, running, or sports that involve impact on that joint. Bike riding is fine as are stationary bikes (no up/downs), elliptical machines, and swimming (no breast stroke).

3rd-6th Week: Avoid all contact sports as well as jogging, running, or sports that involve impact on that joint. You can walk as much as you like. Bike riding is fine, as are stationary bikes, elliptical machine, and swimming.

After the 6th Week: Start integrating back all desired activities, adding back 20% per week. For example, if you were used to running 10 miles a week, you would start at 2 miles a week, then the next week add back another 2 miles, and so on…



You can’t take anti-inflammatory drugs such as Motrin, Aleve, Ibuprofen, or similar NSAIDs. These need to be avoided for 6-12 weeks after the procedure. In addition, any other drugs you have been asked to avoid, should also be stopped for the same time period. Please review the Medication Restriction sheet sent previously. Most statin cholesterol lowering drugs will move stem cells toward producing bone, which is not what we want here, so these need to be avoided for 6-12 weeks. Steroid medications (such as steroid based asthma inhalers, oral steroids, or steroid injections into the joint or another joint) will dramatically impair stem cell function, so these are to be avoided as well.

Pain: If you have pain from the procedure, this should resolve within the first 1-3 weeks. If it does not, contact your clinic doctor. Tylenol is acceptable to take.

Alcohol and Marijuana: Alcohol can have profound negative impacts on stem cell function, so this should be avoided for the same 6-12 weeks. A glass of red wine or white wine with dinner is not a problem, but more than that could pose a risk to the cells. Cannaboids such as Marijuana can also promote bone formation over cartilage (not what we want in this case), so should be avoided.


Stem Cell Therapy 101


Scientific Growth of Mesenchymal Stem Cells 



Stem Cells



Six Weeks After Stem Cells

What exactly happens when Mesenchymal Stem Cells are injected into a joint of your body?

Preparing for Stem Cell Treatment

Ask anyone who has been suffering with joint pain the importance of staying ahead of the pain.

Stem Cell Vs. Surgery

The recovery time is painful. You often need a hospital stay and follow up with a caregiver.




Words from our patients

  • "After years of pain, I’m finally not afraid to do the work sitting on my desk daily. Thank you Dr. Amin for all of your help. Your staff is also amazing."

    David M.
  • "I am so happy to be ongoing patient with Dr. Amin. His cutting edge treatments, knowledge and expertise is second to none."

    Julian A.
  • "I feel so much better with regards to pain and mobility that I am very excited to see results from Stem Cell Therapy in the near future."

    Carlos D.

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